Common Causes Of Damage

Do you ever take time and think about what can go wrong with your Garage Door? I hope not. Garage Door are something that you should be able to take for granted. When I come home I expect to push the button and have it open and I expect that when I push the button as I go into the house it will close and stay closed. But things sometimes do go wrong.

Springs Break.

We are asked occasionally “will these springs break”. We answer: “yes”. All springs break. They break as a function of use; the more you use the door the sooner they will break. Not all springs are created equal. The most common springs that come with Garage Doors are what we refer to as Standard springs. We offer a choice of upgrading the Springs . They last longer because they are bigger but they still need to be selected to have the right amount of strength to match the door.

Cables Break.

The lifting cables on a Garage Door are what are referred to as “wire rope”. Although they are categorized as aircraft quality they do get brittle over time and start to fray. When they begin to fray they begin to unwind and can snap. It is best to replace them as soon as wear or damage is detected. It is a good idea to have them replaced in pairs to insure that they are the identical length.

Rollers Wear Out.

Most rollers that come with new Garage Doors are awful. We always upgrade to a premium roller to make sure the door runs smoothly for years to come. Good rollers make it so there will be less drag as the operator pulls the door up and down. A Garage Door that runs smoothly will last longer because it is not fighting itself and it will be safer too.

Garage Door Openers Wear Out.

When you think about how much work the Garage Door Opener does it is surprising how long they really last especially when they are on the receiving end of so much neglect. On the newer Garage Door Openers there is very little maintenance that needs to be done but over the years they do wear out. How many new cars have sat under that same Garage Door Opener?

Hinges and Hardware Wear Out.

Only occasionally do hinges break, they just get noisy. That is our cue to give them some oil. The more common hardware items that break are the bearings and sheaves. They are moving parts that do wear out with use. If they are not kept lubricated there is metal on metal contact that can cut through shafts and cables. With regular attention they will perform for years and years.

Please don’t spend time worrying about what might go wrong with your Garage Door. Let us do that for you. When we come to service your Garage Door we will be glad to show you several things you can do to keep your Door happy so you can continue to just push that button.

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